Shree Swaminarayan Homoeopathy College, Kalol

Ahmedabad - Mehsana Highway, At/PO - Saij, Ta - Kalol, Dist. - Gandhinagar ( Gujarat ) - 382725

1. A Student must get at least 75% attendance in Lecture, Demonstration, Practical and Clinical classes of each subject.
2. A student must pass in all subjects in the Tests, Terminal and Preliminary Examinations. The passing mark is 50%.
3. A student failing to procure the required attendance and the passing marks (i.e. 50%) shall not be sent up for the University Examination till he/she fulfils the required attendance and obtains the required marks.
4. Students must possess the prescribed Text Books, Laboratory Journals, Medical Equipments, Apron etc.
5. In case of sickness an application muse be presented to the Academic Incharge and copy to Principal for leave or absence giving the reason by the Parents (Whose
specimen signature will be with the concerned office)
6. No Union or Association of the students shall be formed in the college
7. Students must be neat and tidy in their dress.
8. Wearing of Aprons and Name Badges / Identity Cards during work in the College or in the Hospital is essential.
9. The college office must be informed with change of address (if any) whether local or permanent.
10. Every student on admission must take out his/her Identity Card which he or she must wear. It is necessary for every student to show Identity card whenever demanded. No student is eligible for the Library facility unless he / she possess the authorised Identity card.
11. Students must not attend classes other than their own without the permission or the lecturer concerned.
12. Smoking and Tobacco chewing is strictly prohibited in the College and Hospital Campus.
13. In the college debates and other meetings the chair would be taken by the Principal or by a responsible person approved by the Principal and the subject to the debates should also be approved In advance.
14. Students applying for scholarships or free-ship or concessions in fees should note that such scholarships or freeship concessions are recommended only
on the following conditions:
a. That the student is regular in attendance and appears at periodical tests and examinations.
b. That his/her conduct and progress is satisfactory according to the principal.
15. Students are expected to behave with dignity and decorum and in conformity with the discipline of the Institution.
16. Any breach of discipline shall be suitably dealt with. Serious lapses of discipline and character shall render the student’s name liable to be struck of
the college at the discretion of the Principal.
17. If In the opinion of the principal, a student is not likely to benefit by his/her conduct in the college or if his/her continuance is considered to be
detrimental to the best interest of the institution, the Principal may order such as students to leave the college. His decision in this regard shall be
18. Every student is required to familiarize himself/herself with the rules as mentioned herewith.
19. Any student admitted to Shree Swaminarayan Homoeopathy College, Kalol shall not get transfer to any other Homoeopathic College if not permitted by University and NCH, New Delhi.
20. Absence without leave or participation in any agitation will be considered as breach of discipline and a student guilty of these shall not be granted any
progress certificate or recommended for any financial help
21. In all matters whether covered or not by the existing rules the decision of the Principal shall be final.
22. The management reserves the right of making addition to or omission from or alternation in the above rules and regulation without prior notice.